Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May 19 - In Caceres

We woke up at noon! I had no idea it was so late thanks to a very dark room.

It was a Monday and typical for us, we are in another big historical city on a Monday when all touristy places are closed. We walked around the old area of Caceres, which is a Mideval town, beautifully kept as if was still the Middle Ages. You can barely see an electrical wire. Of course there is a car or 2 here and there. The streets are narrow and then there will be a plaza area. It is all stone of course and it will probably be here another thousand years if not more. Built to last. It rained on and off and it was still windy. We bought some postcards and wrote home. We bought a new phone to replace the one we had which although new, did not work right. We had a good dinner at a salad bar, first time I saw that in Spain.. Salvador and I decided we are eating too much and I wonder if we have lost weight. You would think we have, with all that walking. Salvador thinks he has for he notices his face is a little thinner. I agreed especially after he showed me some pictures from early in our adventures, and when I walk behind him, I can make out his calf muscles. We ran into Manfred who had just arrived, looking a bit tired; he is staying in a different hostal. Hung out at the internet place, loading pictures onto my picture sites. While there I spoke with Inga, my friend from Tallahassee. She is going to a photo shoot in France and then will go to Germany to see her friend Martha and the two of them will then come to Spain, wherever I am, pick me up and go be tourists. How cool it will be to see Inga here in Spain. Now the planning. A tablao for sure.
We bought a Torta de Casar and some other foods that are typical of this area, in a specialty shop. I cannot wait to get into the Torta, for I hear it is called the "cheesecake from God"! Not tonight though, we are full!


fototaker said...

took me to the downtown area when i took a trillion pixs. yes, the city is well-known for it's ancient downtown.... thanks for the memories!!!!

Annie said...

What a beautiful town! I'm loving this's really helpful that you are putting the kilometers you walk here also... I'm pretty much using your blog as my guide to finish the vdlp