Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cutesy Backpack

I took my backpack from last year's walk along the Camino Frances and decorated it with some puff paints. Then Diana reminded me of the extra weight that the paint will add to my total weight. I laughed because it does mean extra weight, even if in grams. And there are people who cut the handle of their toothbrush in half just to remove a few grams!! So no more decorating.OH.... and the little smears? Courtesy of my doggie Shiloh whose happy tail swished through the wet paint. Shiloh now sports a colorful tail.
"Basic equipment on these journeys is Will/Love/Intelligence. Will guarantees success. Love clarifies one's motivation. Intelligence plans sensible care en route."

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Salvador is Walking

I received a voucher from Delta last July for offering to bump me off the flight I was on with my friend Betsy. I was in Tampa and flying home so instead they flew me to Pensacola, paid for a car rental and I was home 3 hours later than intended. But I got a 400 dollar voucher. Oh yeah... Betsy said oh yeah too.
So lately I was freaking out that I would lose the voucher unless I used it soon.... and since I an going to Spain in April and not coming back until July I had to do something. I thought about going to California to attend the American Pilgrims conference, I thought about going to St Thomas and joining my brother in his sailing races... other ideas but nothing came through. So I asked my son Salvador if he would be interested in going to Spain with me. He just left his job, he needs to move out of his apartment soon since his lease is up and he intends in starting college in the autumn. So, I offered and he actually said yes. WOW. I was a bit surprised since offers to fly him somewhere over the last few years have been answered with an I don;t know. I am so excited that he is going to our mother land, that he is going to experience a different culture, ours; that he will meet family and that he will share the experience of the Camino with me. We are flying in different airlines through different connections but we will arrive in Madrid 15 minutes apart. Then it's off we go!