Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May 22 - Cañaveral to Galisteo

I decided not to walk. We went to Bar Malaga and they prepared some bocadillos for us. Salvador wanted to walk and left with Frank from Germany, a young guy like Sal. I waited for GrouchyMan and he took 3 of us in his car. The other couple is walking from wherever they got dropped off at, with the intention of walking to Galisteo and then being driven back later today to Cañaveral. Then tomorrow they get a ride back to Galisteo and walk some more. All these walking arrangements! I got dropped off, paid him and went to look for the albergue.The woman there was sweet as can be. I settled in and went to explore the town.

The original town is inside the walls.completely surrounding it. The albergue is just outside one of the access points and I head through one of them. It is a simple town, I did not find anything real incredible about it, other than the walls. My little group arrived and we went to a bar for wine,beer and internet. Ate the meal cooked by the women fromthe albergue and went to bed. For Salvador it was a great day. He enjoyed the walk and was looking forward to tomorrow. He has found his rhythm and is happy with it. He took pictures with his camera which I do not have at this time. TOTAL 28 KILOMETERS

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