Sunday, June 15, 2008

May 26 - In Madrid

We arrived in Madrid and explained to everyone what had happened and with open arms we were welcomed back. Now here, I settled in, I have my own room and Salvador his as well, and decided all I could do is take it a little at a time. I looked for things for Salvador to do and found there was a HipHop festival next weekend and we bought tickets. Salvador went with his cousin and his friends. A 2 day festival, he had a great time. Super great!
As the days went by, I told Salvador, "this is what life is going to be like for a while", meaning, in the house, sitting around, doing nothing much. He told me he decided to walk again, except that this time he wanted to do the Camino Frances, the one I walked last year. He had heard me and others talk about what it is like there. More villages, more people, more people his age..... so off he went. He calls me every 2 days to tell me where he is, who with, what he´s eating, etc. I think it was the best decision. He is liking it a lot. Has met many people and is now with a little group, 2 English girls, a German guy, and others from other countries that join every so often. They are taking turns cooking, they are making decisions together, in other words, it is a good thing.
Well, I cook for my uncle twice a day. He told me yesterday that he is going to be lonely after I leave since he is getting used to the company. Awww. I told his daughters, they will make sure he is ok.
I take Ron out for a walk every day, sometimes twice a day. And play with him. I think of Shiloh, my doggy.
I have blogged all this finally, and am caught up. Better than last year´s blogging I believe. I read my book, Eat, Pray, Love. I recommend it.
I rested. Just what my ankle needed, I did go to the hospital and was declined medical care. I went to a private doctor and he sent me for an ultrasound, why I am not sure, for all they can see is that yes, you do have swelling (duh) and RICE it. I told ya!
And waited. Very patiently. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow, June 16 and I am leaving. YEP!! Going back to the Via. Tomorrow. I am taking a bus and starting in Baños de Montemayor, the town I had last walked to.
Cristina, my cousin, has not had her babies yet, and I promised her I would return to help her.
Inga, my friend, is coming from Tallahassee and we will meet up on the 25th of June to explore Cadiz.

So it looks like I will be walking the Via in bits and pieces. But, that is my compromise. The important thing is that I can walk again, my son is walking and we are each doing our own Camino.
Love to you all, and I will be blogging again when I can.


fototaker said...

wow!!!! what developments!!!! but in all, everything works out!!!! take care and watch those feet&ankles!!!!!! HUGs!!!

China Pattern said...

Hi, I am new to Blogspot but not new to blogging. I found your charming tales of travel and I will drop by when I can.