Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 21 - Salamanca to Calzada de Valunciel

Conrado dropped me off on the north side of Salamanca while on his way to work. . I got to Aldeaseca and it was a very quiet little town. Nothing was open for food or drink. So I moved on. Made it to Castellanos de Villiquera, where I was ready for some food. I went into a bar, put down my backpack and heard a man order a bocadillo and a beer. When I heard the owner say 1.50euros, I perked up. First time I had seen anything so cheap, which made me wonder about some of the prices I pay.
Most places do not have prices and once in there, I just pay what they tell me the price is. But this guy was a local and he got charged so little. So I said I wanted the same thing as he. And I paid 1.50euros. It was the best tortilla sandwich and beer I had for the price!! I walked through the town, which also seemed quiet. Only activity was the bread lady, who zips through town in her little station wagon, beeping a horrid horn as she goes from block to block. The ladies come out to buy their bread. I stopped and looked at the different breads and decided to buy one. One of the shoppers helped put it into one of the pockets of my backpack, so I would not have to take it off and I felt cool walking with a baguette sticking out of my backpack. The bread was yummy. I looked for my arrows.

The walk was very flat, very dusty. This is cereal country, and already, in June, the fields are a golden color. I would have thought it would be very green still. Men in tractors harvesting and plowing. All wave a little hello to me.
I got to Calzada de Valunciel. By the time I arrived my right leg and hip were hurting again, like it did at the beginning of the walk. Not sure why, but I cannot even stretch my legs open. There was a note on the door, asking any pilgrim to call a phone number so that the key could be delivered to me. I was the only person in the albergue.

And it was cute as could be. I went to a little shop and was surprised it was open on a Saturday late afternoon, for typically in Spain, shops close early on Saturday and not at all on Sunday. I got my groceries and headed back to the albergue. I made my dinner. I watered the plants. I fixed every pot, trimming the flowers. I swept the porch. The man who arrived with the key was very kind, and I believe he is the mayor, who is watching over the albergue while the regular lady who cleans it is gone. I read, wrote a little and went to bed early. No one to talk to, so what else to do? I read the pilgrims´notebook and found a message written there from one of my forum members. I have since sent him the picture to show him that I found his note. my camino forum world.
Total 16 Kms.

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