Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 29 - Back to Zamora

Had gone to bed late and thus woke up late... which meant I missed 2 buses. Took advantage of the time and ate with my cousin Begoña and tio Salvador. I took the 5:30pm bus to Zamora. Before I left I told tio the final score for the futbol game would be Spain 1 - Germany 0. I arrived in Zamora as the game started. I went to the albergue and called the phone number posted, left messages several times and no one ever called me back. I rang the bell, no one answered. So I left a note on the door, letting someone know that a peregrina is trying to get in. I guess with this being the last day of San Pedro's fiesta as well as the big game of the year (the cup), everyone was somewhere else.
I went to a zarzuela concert in Plaza Mayor and it was so folksy, not really my style but definitely worth watching, as it reminded me of mom when she sang a zarzuela tune.
I tried the albergue again. Nothing still. So I went to an art exhibit which were beautiful.... tent after tent of incredible art, whether on canvas, with metal, ceramics, jewelry.....
I ate at the same place I had been to the other day where I befriended the storekeeper and she remembered me. Loved her bocadillos but she was quickly running out of food. I ate my favorite ice cream on a stick, orange covered in chocolate, delightful, and she let me leave my backpack in her place until I could figure out what to do next.
As I was sitting there, the bar next door was noisy with futbol fans and alas, Spain won over Germany 1-0 (see Tio?) The joy that poured out of that bar and spilled onto the streets was emotional. People singing so silly, how Spain was going to get drunk tonight, and some other silly things. Flags were waving all over the streets and the sounds of horns were coming from every direction. I was wondering how Salvador was watching the game and in which locale along the Camino Frances. I called him and he was all happy.... poor Konstantin, one of his camino mates is from Germany, but took it well.
I went down to the cathedral to watch the fireworks, which meant the end of San Pedro's festival. The length of the show was, well, long!! It just kept on going. I managed to squirm through forward enough in the crowd to see some I had never seen before. One was a flower that after it boomed into different directions, each end of it suddenly went back up, almost making a reverse flower. Hard to describe, but I was exhilirated at the beauty and sounds of the show. The grand finale was, yeah, GRAND!! And all along car horns were still beeping all over Zamora, and I am sure, all over Spain!
I got my backpack from the bar and went back to the albergue where finally pilgrims had returned and opened the door for me. I roomed with a girl from Australia. And I had the same bed as the other night.

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