Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May 20 - Caceres to Casar de Caceres

We took our time leaving this morning, since it is a short walk. That is one crazy thing along this Via, there are terrible long stages and then one has to do a short one so that the next one is not so long. We have time. I´m not really worried about it. I have had to do some mind shifting, what with being in pain, I have come to an agreement with myself that when necessary either stop or get some help. Hard decision to make, especially with my sights set on walking the whole Via. As told, I have already had to do that. But right now I am doing real well. We walked into Casar de Caceres, known for its famous Torta which I am carrying and will open tonight. The entrance to the town almost seems like it was made for walkers. I was walking through the countryside and then there is a sidewalk. Go on it, through an opening and there is a flower lined walk into town. It has areas for children to play, for the elderly to sit and gab, and just for strolling. Very nice. The town is narrow and long. Finally we are in the middle of town, and go into the ayuntamiento, the town hall, get our credencial stamped and go across the street into the albergue. It is free, not even donativo, a gift from the town for the pilgrims. Smile. We get our beds and settle in. Wash and hang our clothes and then others came in. The middle room filled with older (not like me of course) pilgrims, 1 German (Manfred) and several French, and then our room filled with young (like me) people. This was a nice welcome especially for Salvador, who got to hang with them. A couple from Belgium and an English girl, Ceri, walking solo. Two Italian bikers came in later. Most albergues ahve a book where we can leave messages,notes of gratitude, drawings, which are fun to look at. I write in every one I see.
Ceri and us went to the bar for some wine and beer and cocacola light (Salvador likes to say it with a spanish accent) and chatted a long time. Great girl! She is a quick walker. Moving to India for 1 year after this walk, to do a Yoga intensive training. Salvador and I ate at the albergue, which is equipped with a kitchen, and when Ceri came back we opened the Torta. UGH AACCKKK!! Gross!! What the....!!! I could not stand it. Salvador and Ceri ate alot of it, I gave up. Stinky, and hard....where is that "so creamy you can eat it with a spoon"?
I went to a store to get some food for dinner and they sold Tortas there and I commented on how gross it was, and they told me I probably got an old or bad one. I was pissed! So I bought another one, a different brand and some bread and took it back to the albergue. We had it after dinner, with Ceri as well, and who brought a bottle of wine, and this time......Swoooooooooooonnnnn, it was friggin´awesome!!! So after spending 30 € on Tortas de Casar, I got my fill!,

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fototaker said...

the torta couldve also gone bad in the sunlight as you carried it. they're very sensitive to time, wetter, heat and flies. these torta specially HATE mouths!! hahahahaaaa have never eaten one but have seen and heard many andaluces who purchased many and they say it's very delicious, as you now know!! glad your son had a chance to mingle with others his own "age".... HUGs and stay safe!!!