Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 22 - Calzada de Valunciel to El Cubo de Tierra del Vino

I had a great sleep last night. I think those couple of days in Salamanca was about partying, so got little rest. I cooked breakfast, cleaned up, watered the plants and realized how hot it already was. I do not mind hot that much, really, but was eager to get going. I dropped the key into the locked keybox outside after securing the windows and doors and did not get very far when I realized that the hip pain was already making me limp. Not a good idea, not after what happened several weeks ago. I went back to the albergue and sat down on the outside bench and thought about it a while. Maria, who it turns out is the albergue´s caretaker came by, we chatted and I asked her about bus service out of this town and she directed me back to the main road. I decided I had to move on, but should rest the leg. I took the bus to El Cubo de Tierra del Vino, what a crazy name, and come to think of it most of these towns´names have multiple words! And another thing that convinced me was that there was nothing between these two towns. The guide recommends to take enough water, for there are 20 kms between them. 20kms is not too far, and for me actually, it is a perfect distance. But what if I get into trouble out there and I am far from a road, and there have been no pilgrims this day. So, as hard as it is to make this decision, I got on that bus. I arrived in El Cubo and after asking directions got to the albergue. I wondered if I would be the only one there tonight.... just me and that dog that lies on the front stoop, who as I petted....YIKES, it is full of ticks!! I killed a couple of the ones that walked off his coat. Then, I got cave mates. 3 Spanish men here tonight. I went into town and they had one of those coin operated computers and I checked my emails and wrote a couple. I have a forum mate who is also walking the Via and we had previously written to each other stating we might be able to meet up? Well one of the emails is from him saying he was in Salamanca for a couple of days and I bet we were there together! We are mentioning the possibility that we are near enough that we might meet up. We'll see.
The bar was full of people drinking and smoking and discussing tonight´s game, Spain vs Italy. The albergue is very nice, great rooms, bathroom, dining-living area and a nice porch out back where I could wash my clothes and hang them while I took some had a kitchen and I cooked again after visiting the town´s only open shop (on a Sunday? Unheard of!!) whose owner said she opened only because of people needing things for tonight´s game. I had a room to myself and the Spanish guys took the other 2 rooms, one of them wedging a chair behind his bedroom door for some reason.
20 kms I missed.

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