Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May 23 - Galisteo to Carcaboso

Because the stages are somewhat long right now, we made a decision, for my sake, to break it up with the information provided in the guide. So today we walked to Carcaboso. It was all road walking again. But it is a small road, meandering through the countryside. The skies are dark with the threat of rain. Everything is green green. Springtime of course but all these rains are making everything lush. Purple irises, wild roses, cattails, other flowers which names I do not know, are in plentitude. Groves of trees, all lined up but making what looks like little forests line the way. Crossing small bridges you can hear the brooks under them, swollen with days of rain water, creating a sound so comforting, I could just sleep there. These forests are home to many happy birds, for they were singing loudly. It was a nice walk, although short. By the time we got to Carcaboso my feet were achy. But not my leg and hip. hmmm
We arrived in town and passed a church, which was not open, named Santiago Apostol.

It was closed. On the side of it there were someof those Roman miliarios. Well preserved, too. You can make out most of the writing. We found the albergue, paid 10 euros each, and got the keys from the bar and we were taken upstairs to what must have been someone´s home once. The rooms were spacious and private. There was only one other person there that night. We hung our clothes after washing them, but it rained and I got to use the dryer! First one I have seen in Spain. Even my family here does not have one.
We shopped at the market and decided not to eat out today and tonight. We are spending quite a bit more than I expected. Eating out adds up when two people do it. We should try to buy more at the markets. Then young German guy Frank is in town also but decided to stay at the municipal albergue, which is just floor space, not even mats. I was glad to have a bed. He came to visit but the woman that owns this albergue chased him out, telling him that he did not pay to hang out at her albergue. Yikes. Salvador weighed himself at the pharmacy, and he has lost 7.5 kilos. He had weighed himself at the pharmacy in Madrid before leaving. Can this be true? I did not weigh myself. bwahahahaha TOTAL 11 KILOMETERS

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fototaker said...

yes, those american machines are now available in Spain and have been for many years. living in the always hot south with a closed balcony, i wonder why people would have dryers when mother nature is cheaper and more available. you won't see them much as people are discovering how expensive they are when used! most people who have them are families with children and use it when weather prevents quick clothes drying or just too much clothes to dry at one time. HUGs!!!