Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May 26 - Aldeanueva del Camino to Baños de Montemayor

Very cloudy, cold, humid and windy. We started walking and again, on the road. That little pain I had last night is present, just a little nagging hot spot in that ankle.

Extremadura is known for its cherries according to my uncle; even the Japanese come here to see the trees in bloom and want to take the flavor of Spain back to Japan. Well there they were, trees full of cherries. Passed a few and when I had to pee, I saw one tree right by the road and it had one, just one little cherry hanging there. The sign said ok, you can pick, we are all done. How can that be? I can see many many trees full of cherries. So I picked it. Really, it had to be the best tasting cherry I have ever had in my life! A moment of pure pleasure. As we moved on I could see pits all along the road, as I assume, pilgrims earlier that morning must have picked all they could. Wish I could have had more.

I notice the pain in my ankle more now and it is starting to feel very familiar. I cannot describe pain, of course, since it is so subjective, like telling someone what an orgasm feels like or what a sneeze feels like, but it reminds me of something we used to do to each other as kids..... the Chinese arm burn. Per Wikipedia: "The victim's forearm is grasped firmly in both hands, then the hands are twisted in opposite directions around the victim's arm, causing friction burns". Yeah, well that burn? That is what it feels like inside my ankle. Last year when I walked the Camino Frances I got the same kind of pain in another location of my other ankle, same foot though. A tiny spot, but it can be so delibitating. I cannot friggin´ believe it!! All along this trip it has been my other leg/hip that has been causing me grief. I wonder if all that limping caused me to put more pressure on this foot and this is a consequence of that. I had to stop more frequently now as it was burning quite a bit.

I barely made it into Baños de Montemayor. I asked about a doctor and was directed to the Thermal Baths building. This town is famous for its thermal baths, hence its name. Busloads of people arrive all day to partake in these healing baths. OK, sounds like the right spot to start getting some help. I was turned away, due to it being private doctors there. On the other hand, due to my experience last year, I know exactly what I will be told to do. RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation; and take anti-inflamatories (Ibuprofen).

Salvador and I discussed my options and I knew, OH, I knew what I was to do. Such a difficult decision to stop walking, to go back to Madrid, to wait it out. Which is exactly what I really have to do. Words cannot express my disappointment. This walking, this journey, camino, is something I came to do, to share with my son, and I have gone through so much pain already, how can this stop me??? But I knew.
I gave Salvador the option to go on without me or go back to Madrid: He chose to go back with me. TOTAL 10,5 KILOMETERS


Tony said...

gran blog. Enhorabuena.

by Lillian Alicia said...

Y lo entiendes? Quieres hacerlo, el Camino? Gracias por encontrarme. Va a ver muchas mas entradas pronto.

fototaker said...

I cannot believe it!! you're abandoning the camino?! but seriously... if the pain is bad, then you must. continuing to walk ~ as you already know ~ will just worsen the condition. yes, what a disappointment! but you done so much, and seen and experienced even more!! you should not be disappointed ~ instead you should content and satisfied at how much you have succeeded and you can always return!! ok, you have ten years to better your feet & ankles, then you can show me the camino. I will walk it when I return to live!! HUGs and take care!!!!

by Lillian Alicia said...

Oh, Tony, keep reading!